Antibiotics and alcohol: a dangerous neighborhood

Barbecues, picnics, cafes – impossible to imagine without wine or beer! And if you are taking drugs? How do antibiotics and alcohol interact?

Of course, they’d better not mix. All the, antibiotics and alcohol are the chemicals with a strong impact. But some combinations are especially dangerous, so you need to know in order to avoid serious trouble.

Aspirin is often used when alcohol overdosing to prevent unpleasant effects of hangovers. But consequences may be too dangerous: alcohol with antibiotics (aspirin), irritate the mucous membrane, their co-operation can lead to internal bleeding.

Antabuse (remedy for cough) form a dangerous connection with alcohol - even small doses are toxic. If you are cold use this medication temporarily refuse of alcohol.

Antidiabetic medications (tablets) may not provide the expected actions in combination with alcohol. Those who take these drugs, it is better not to drink at all.

Antidepressants - their duet with alcohol can be deadly. Depending on the type of medication and type of beverage the consequences could be very different. For example, Chianti, along with some drugs makes a strong jump in blood pressure. Other antibiotics and alcohol combinations may have a sedative effect with a sharp loss of coordination.

Barbiturates with alcohol - a real Russian roulette :) The result is unpredictable and can be very sad.

Tranquilizers violate the slow reaction and coordination. Even a small dose of this antibiotics and alcohol can lead to disastrous results.

However, there are favorable combination of alcohol and drugs.

    • There is evidence that taking vitamins B-complex before or immediately after the feast softens the unpleasant consequences of alcohol overdosing.

    • Doctors have also found that two drugs, usually prescription with asthma - ephedrine and aminophelline - can significantly improve the coordination of the relocation of citizens, so groggy Happy citizen safely reach home :)

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